4 Clone Apps that you can Install for Cloning Other Apps

Do you want to access two accounts on the same device? This is now possible with the help of the Cloning Apps. There are different apps that could help you with this, but it is important that you choose the right appropriate app for the job. Most of these cloning apps do not take a lot of the storage space, but the only drawback about such apps is that it just allows you to use 2 instances of the same app.

Apps to clone apps

Best Clone Apps that you can Install for Cloning Other Apps

A clone is nothing but the exact replica of a thing. When we apply the same concept to the applications, you get to use the same application in two different instances. For example, running the Facebook app along with the cloned one. This will allow you to access two FB accounts on the same device.

A point to note – not all the apps is supportive of the concept of Cloning. Still, you could clone famous apps like Skype, Facebook, eBay, Spotify, Instagram, and many others.

1. Parallel Space

Double the application instantly with the Parallel Space, and get to use multiple accounts on the same device itself. Using this app, you could customize the cloned app and it comes with a support of 24 languages on it. Install the app, open it and then add the Android apps that you want to clone. It’s that simple!

2. Slices

This is provided by the Cydia Tweaks that allows you to create the duplicate forms of apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. It also allows you to clone many famous gaming applications like the Candy Crush. To start using this cloning app, you need to first jailbreak your iPhone, and then only move forward with this.

3. App Cloner

Next on the list is the App Cloner which is made available for the Android users. It is easy to use and works by creating a new APK copy which you can set up for the second account. You could clone as many applications as needed, and even change the icon and customize the account in the way you wish to or build clone apps on your own.

4. Go Multiple

Again, an Android app has made it to the 4th place. As the name of the app goes, Go Multiple. That’s what it does! It can also be installed on laptops too.

Which is your favorite Clone App among all the above listed?

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